DBSV member registration
Welcome to the Registration Page for DBSV Memberships!

First Steps:

Important: BEFORE signing up for DBSV, you do need a valid UM sports membership (monthly memberships will not be accepted). If you do not have a valid UM sports membership you are responsible for a fine.

How to purchase a UM-Sports Membership;

Step: Go to: https://myusc.maastrichtuniversity.nl/
Step: Log in with your Maastricht University account
Step: Go to “MyUSC”
Step: Go to “My memberships”
Step: Click on “Buy membership”
Step: Select either an “All-in-one” or a “Sports” membership
Step: Select a “year” or a “semester” membership
Step: Put an arrow to “Association member”
Step: Click on “Choose Association”
Step: Select “DBSV Red Socks”
Step: Click on “Link selection”
Step: Proceed to payment
AFTER you have purchased the UM-Sports membership, sign up for DBSV:<

In order to make sure your sign-up runs smoothly, please have your bank information (IBAN and BIC), a screenshot of your UM sports membership, and a photo of yourself ready.

You will be redirected to ‘Mollie’, where there are several methods of payment you can use. Please note that additional fees may be added depending on which method you use. If you wish to pay cash, please do not fill in the online sign-up but send an email to secretaris@dbsvredsocks.nl so we can make an appointment with you.

Furthermore, you will have the ability to select a team in which you would like to play. However, particularly with regards to the selection teams, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to play in your preferred team

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